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CRED Magazine gets attention for new “OnSite” gallery for young artists

July 27, 2012

We at LISC are excited to see CRED Magazine open their new site on South Street, and we are glad they are getting good press coverage from Check out the article below!

We are lucky to have The Village of Arts and Humanities, which sponsors CRED Magazine, as a key stakeholder of our Sustainable Communities Initiative in Eastern North. LISC provided $5,000 as a seed grant to publish CRED Magazine Issue #1. And LISC has provided a total of $15,000 to The Village of Arts and Humanities to support CRED and their summer youth arts program. Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in making CRED and The Village such a meaningful program for families in Eastern North.

CRED OnSite: Vacant Storefront on South Street Becomes a Gallery for Young Philadelphia Artists

by Kate McGovern | Posted on Friday, July 27th, 2012

A vacant building at 325 South Street will become a gallery tonight for young Philadelphia artists who may not otherwise have the opportunity to display and sell their work.

As part of the Arts on South program, which loans unused real estate to local arts groups, area artists age 25 and younger will have a gallery all to themselves for the next four months.

Known as CRED OnSite, the space is an extension of CRED Magazine, a tri-annual publication featuring the work of young local artists. The project is “about dismantling the boundaries between people [who had] enough money to go to art school and those who didn’t,” said Aviva Kapust, CRED’s editor-in-chief. “Some kids’ parents don’t understand or aren’t willing to support their creativity.”

The magazine, with its third issue due out in October, accepts submissions from young Philadelphia artists who then vote on the art to be published. Voting is based solely on merit, said Kapust. “It’s amazing … they’re voting for work done by an 8 year old … and they’re voting for work that’s done by a 25 year old M.F.A. student and then that work appears side-by-side on printed pages.”

CRED Magazine applied for and was awarded a four-month stint in the Arts on South program. But the space won’t focus on the magazine, according to Kapust. Instead, education will be a priority. CRED plans to host workshops on creating a magazine, setting up a storefront, and marketing for artists. The space will also serve as a gallery and store, and won’t take any percentage of the commission from artists — all artists receive 100% of sales.


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