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48th Street Neighbors Build Trust and Community (Not to Mention, Safety) with Town Watch

April 20, 2012

Neighbors around 48th St and Springfield Ave have organized a town watch to help reduce crime in the area. The group is using a community-based strategy to combat crime, focusing on strengthening trust, building relationships, arming residents with knowledge, and breaking down “us versus them” mentalities about crime.

Area residents came together around a number of tragic crimes, including a robbery-rape this past September 2011 near the corner of 48th St and Springfield Ave. Over time, the 48th Street Neighbors have created a strong community by doing collective work that is proactive, positive, and collaborative.

The specific activities of the group have evolved over time, from distributing leaflets to holding gatherings to training residents on community patrolling to forming community-building committees. Last year, Patty Bulack, an active participant, was using paper leaflets to inform neighbors about crime in the neighborhood. “There were so many new people in the neighborhood who didn’t know anybody,” she explains, “and my letter under the door was just what they needed to get them to meet people and start getting involved.”

Read more on the SCI West blog.
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