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Tweeting Police Officer’s “Proactive” Approach to Crime Reduction

April 18, 2012

Detective Joseph Murray has recently received attention for using his twitter feed @TheFuzz9143 to provide over 950 followers with information about burglary, robbery, and other crime patterns in West and Southwest Philadelphia.

“By the time something happens and it comes to me, it’s done. It’s a crime. It already happened, and it’s my job is to solve it,” Murray says, explaining his frustration with the traditional reactive approach of the detective. “I don’t like to think that way. I don’t like to be reactive. I’d rather be proactive. When something comes to me, I look at it from the beginning and wonder how it could have been prevented. That’s my job too.”

Murray posts tips to his twitter feed, like this picture of a suspect's car.

The proactive strategy Murray advocates involves multiple communication tools (among them twitter, community message boards, and community meetings) and three main sources of information: how to avoid being a victim of crime, information about crime patterns, and the importance of networking and community building.


Read more on the SCI West blog.

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