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POWER Convention Calls for Collective Effort to Rebuild Philadelphia

September 26, 2011

A crowd of about 2,000 supporters gathered Sunday, September 25th at the Tindley Temple on South Broad Street for the founding convention of POWER (Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower, and Rebuild).

With about 40 congregations across the Philadelphia area and 25,000 members, POWER pledged to connect thousands of Philadelphians to living wage jobs over the next several years. Other issues POWER will address are education, housing, health care and public safety.

POWER called on the city, organizations and individuals to help in their plan to rebuild Philadelphia. Several city officials were in attendance, including Mayor Nutter and City Council member Bill Green. Mayor Nutter said that he wants to see “not that someone has a job, but a career.” He said that he “looks forward to helping thousands of Philadelphians knock down the barriers to find jobs.” Green is committed to working on legislation that will increase local-hiring in public projects.

Bishop Dwayne Royster of Living Water United Church of Christ was introduced as POWER’s executive director.

Check out more about POWER at

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